Copy Center - Quality Paper and Cardboard Products With High Standards for Various Industries

As a leading printing house in Israel, Copy Center has been providing quality services since 1965. Thanks to advanced technologies and processes, the operations have progressed allowing the company to produce a greater variety of products with better results.

Copy Center remains committed to providing the best possible results and takes pride in producing products of unsurpassable quality while going a step above and beyond to ensure every customer gets exemplary service. The goal isn’t to meet expectations, but instead, to advance to a higher level and exceed any client expectations.

Offering a wide range of printed products, Copy Center can serve an extensive base of clientele.

Some of the high-quality products produced by the company include:

•    Various paper/carton containers and lids

•    Preparation and printing of blister cards

•    Advertising materials, leaflets, and brochures

•    Carton boards

•    Carton box, polypropylene including packaging designs

•    Offset printing with water varnish/selective, U.V. lacquer

•    Solid board packaging

•    Solid board packaging with patch window

Offering clients excellent solutions for more than half a century, Copy Center has grown to have a team of 80 highly-trained professionals working on numerous production lines and overseeing various projects in an 11,500-square-foot factory.

Who Does Copy Center Serve?

Copy Center’s diverse abilities to create different kinds of products allows the company to serve a wide range of industries, including clients who are in the cosmetics, textiles, high tech, pharmaceutical, food, and many other product and service fields.

Having established a reputation for quality worksmanship and exceptional customer service, Copy Center has formed a client base of leading companies throughout Israel, including Albaad, Sabon, M.I.S., Iscar, Unilever Group, Premier, Strauss Group, Tnuva Israeli Dairy, and many others.

Quality and Safety Standards are a Priority

Copy Center takes every aspect of its business seriously. Here are some of the quality and safety standards that Copy Center uses regularly:

•    ISO 9001:2015 – The international standard that specifies the requirements of a quality management system. This standard helps an organization to demonstrate the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet regulatory requirements as well as the customer requirements for all areas – services, high-tech, industry, education, food, and public service.

•    HACCP Standard – An advanced system for risk prevention by identifying potential hazards, process analysis, and defining control points to keep unsafe products from being distributed to the customer base.

•    ISO 22000:2005 – And the administrative standard that includes operational and regulatory requirements to ensure food product safety. The device consists of HACCP requirements plus additional requirements such as pre-requisite requirements and requirements for improving product safety.

•    BRC/IOP Packaging Standard – This standard revolves around elements written by the British Retail Consortium (BRC) and the Institute for Packaging Products (IOP), as the standard of management of consumer goods, food plants, and packaging houses. Leading European retail chains adopted the rule, and it is a measure of the organization’s level of production, preparedness, and supply of products, consumer goods, and packaging materials that are safe and of good quality for consumers.

•    GMI – The PQA program is a quality assurance standard that is required by the world’s leading brands, ensuring the stability of printing throughout the ongoing print as well as between repetitive works while enabling the use of quality print indices that conform with Standard 12647-2.

Also, Copy Center meets all requirements applicable to social responsibility and strong standing for social responsibility audits, such as SMETA and URSA. The customer is rated Maala Basic for corporate responsibility. Also, Copy Center has a managed safety program with the legally authorized program administered by the work safety officer.  

If you need high-quality paper and cardboard products for your packaging and product promotion, Copy Center has a great selection available that can be designed to meet your business needs. To learn more about Copy Center, its products, or its services, call +972-4-881-200 today.