Quality Packaging for Food and Dairy Products

When you are a manufacturer of dairy products or dry foods, your packaging plays an integral role in your product’s success and marketability. Find out what you should pay attention to when choosing your packaging supplier.

When you are a manufacturer of dairy products or dry foods, your packaging plays an integral role in your product’s success and marketability. You will need high-quality packaging that adheres to all standards, so the food products are kept safe and are suitable for consumption. Copy Center offers the best selection of packaging solutions to meet your needs.

Dairy Product Packaging

Yogurt and ice cream are two of the more popular dairy products. To stand out against the competition, you must make sure your packaging not only adheres to the requirements and standards established by the foods industry, but you also want packaging that offers an attractive and enticing presence when on the shelf.

Paper/carton containers and lids are for different kinds of ice cream and yogurt products. These containers come in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet the needs of the client. You can get paper/carton containers for single serve cups, squeeze tubes, cartons, and bulk packaging.

Copy Center offers a variety of solutions for both ice cream and yogurt, as well as other dairy goods. You can choose unique containers, such as round, oval, custom, short, tall, or mid-sized containers. Quality graphics can be used on the packaging to highlight your brand name as well as your product. Freshness seals and easy open zippers are excellent options to work with your product packages.

Dry Food Packaging

Dry foods, such as cereals or cake mixes, need boxes or packaging bags. Copy Center offers robust board packaging solutions or carton board solutions. To make your package stand out and to help boost your brand recognition, offset printing with water vanish/selective or U.V. lacquer. Special effects are possible with hot stamping foil and embossing or embellishment with U.V. lacquer.

You want a package that stands out, and that gets attention when it is on the shelf, but one that is durable and that keeps your product fresh and tasty while sitting in the cabinet or on the shelf. The team at Copy Center will take the time to understand your company, get to know your product selection, and then help you choose the right packaging solutions for your food product needs.

Quality Food Packaging That Adheres to Industry Standards

Your food packaging plays a vital role in your overall product marketability. When you are selecting packaging and packaging your products, you should consider several things, including:

•    Will the package or container keep the food fresh?

•    Will it keep the food from decomposing or putrefaction?

•    Will it help prevent external agents from contaminating or affecting the product?

There are many options for food packaging. Copy Center has worked to establish a reputation as a leader in the printing industry in Israel. We adhere to the safety standards and requirements of the industry, to ensure you get the packaging that you need for your quality food products.

To learn more about Copycenter and our food packaging options, call +972-4-881-2000 to talk with a knowledgeable team member about your product needs.