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Copy Center is a printing house that was founded in 1965, established itself in the industry and is considered today as one of the leading and most advanced printing houses in the world.

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At Copy Center, we believe in innovation and technology, and are constantly improving our professional capabilities, to allow perfect product quality and provide exceptional service.

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We carry out all the production, from detailed planning to manufacturing, and maintain strict quality assurance for our customers.

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Not every day we meet in Israeli industry companies whose service and professionalism are a guiding light in practice.
As part of the cooperation with Copy Center, I enjoy the best level of professional experience in Israel, if not one of the best in the world.
The level of professionalism in all levels you deal with, corresponds to the high level of your service.
I do not have the ability to express in words my desire to share with other industrialists, in order to give the Israeli industry new standards as you created, for the work environment, development, production, quality of the product and especially the innovation we receive.
Greetings and continued success.

Barda Yaacov, V.P. Chic Cosmetics industries

Unilever Israel, with all its companies and subsidiaries, hereby confirms that Copy Center is an important supplier and a senior partner of significant importance to Unilever's business continuity in the Israeli market.
Copy Center provides a variety of packaging in Unilever's portfolio and excels in quality, service, knowledge and capabilities.
Copy Center is a source of knowledge and inspiration for innovation, which together with the world's first-class production and operation capabilities, gives a significant competitive advantage for customers such as Unilever, which operates in the world of consumer goods.
In conclusion, we consider Copy Center as a strategic, high quality, leading supplier in its field, which gives us peace and confidence in Unilever's commercial activity in Israel.

Snir Yagil, Packaging Purchase Manager

I would like to praise Copy Center for a 24/7 Service.Professional, reliable and dedicated service.It's always fun to come to you!!

Yehiel, Production Team, Tnuva

I have been working with Copy Center Ltd. for a long time.Everywhere I worked, I did everything to put them in, as a leading packaging supplier.Only few suppliers provide service and quality at the level of copy center.
I wish all my suppliers will be the same.

Amichai Landsman, Packaging Buyer - Tempo Beverages Limited

Through all the years of working with Copy Center, I can only compliment their service, quick and professional work, technological capabilities and innovativeness, and their perfect execution. I always received a quick response and high quality products, and they always met the highest standards.

Vicky Ganot, Development and Production, Albad

EM HCHITA Ltd. has been working with the wonderful and amazing staff of Copy Center for several years. We are very pleased with the dedicated service we have got, the quality of the products (which undergo strict quality assurance), and with the supply times. The Graphics, Sales and Management departments did their work faithfully and with much care.

Etti Gaziel, Procurement Team, EM HCHITA Ltd

Notrits Ltd. is working with the dedicated staff of Copy Center for years now, and through this period we have discovered a company that works in full transparency, is reliable and honest, and is fully cooperate with its customers.We are happy to partner with a company that takes care of its employees so well.
It is always a pleasure to work with people who are happy with their job, and this is reflected in the quality of work and in the overall attitude of the employees we worked with. The high quality of products and the deadlines meeting are among the best we saw, and we hope you will continue to serve as an example to all the Israeli businesses!

Thank you for everything and keep up with doing such a good job!

Ziv Shapira, Procurement Team, Notrits Ltd

Copy Center is such a wonderful factory, with great people and amazing managers! Although I am considered a small client in comparison to the Israeli “giants” Tnuva and Unilever, I didn’t feel it once in the service I got from Copy Center. They have an outstanding awareness to service and quality which is rare in Israel. Well done! You are super professional, offer quality products and great service.


On the behalf of MIS, I would like to express my deep appreciation to Copy Center. Copy Center is a major service provider of MIS, giving us a professional service that includes the followings: cooperation through all the stages while adhering the design standards, professional and technical support, meeting complex projects that include various elements, and doing everything with a willingness to find creative solutions to our satisfaction.Through the years of working together, Copy Center has been proven as an efficient, reliable and professional service provider. Copy Center makes sure to meet deadlines and fulfill commitments and has a team with professional integrity, who takes care of everything and maintains a close relationship with its customers. Keep being a professional partner that accompanies us personally.Well done!

Idit Navon, Procurement and Logistical Manager, MIS

Europe in Israel, this is how I would define Copy Center. The talented team is making magics with cardboards, using colors in their right place and make products that stand out on the shelves. The creative team brings amazing results, and knows to stop at the right time. The exceptional service is the fastest you will get. I had the opportunity to execute large-scale projects that required a lot of thought and innovativeness, with a talented team that thinks out of the box.The product quality is outstanding.Copy Center takes a full responsibility for their product quality.It is my honor to have such a great provider, well done!

Avi Sharir, Packaging Technologist, Tnuva

As the former CEO of FilTuna Ltd., I would like to compliment Copy Center for its services and its quality of services, as well as for their fast response time.

Uri-Shay Levy, former CEO, FilTuna Industries Ltd

We would like to thank Copy Center for the reliable, professional service they provide over the years. It is convenient and pleasant to work with you in full cooperation, to create and develop together innovative packaging solutions. Their products are of a high quality and meticulous, while listening and executing with great patience, according to the customer’s demand.You always delivered the products on time, and your treatment of us as a customer has always made us satisfied.

Yigal Efrati, Maklot Vanille Ltd

Copy Center Printing House is the number one service provider in the field of printing and packaging. Its team is kind and polite, and most importantly- professional. I have always received a solution to any requirement or professional issue, quickly and efficiently. They are simply perfect and I strongly recommend them.

Gilo, Espresso Mor

Reo Ice Cream company has been working with Copy Center for 13 years, in full cooperation regarding packaging planning and production, while demonstrating reliability and professionalism. Copy Center, and specifically the Sales Manager Mrs. Edna Bitas, have been attentive to any problem and did the best they could to help, and always with a smile.

Chaya Goldklang, Rio

TEV Medical has been working for a number of years with Copy Center, on packaging design and planning, supplying packaging types, including solving complex problems in product design and packaging.
Copy Center provides exceptional service, the quality of the solution always offered at a high level, and of course fast and flexible delivery times.
I would like to particularly mention Mr. Ofer Wizegun, my contact person at Copy Center, which makes everything quick, flexible and quality, and especially what seems to be not possible, he makes definitely possible.

Nimrod Ben Avi, CPA Controller

לקראת המיזם החדש בדיגיטאל ברצוננו להודות ולברך את צוות מרכז ההעתקות, צוות פיתוח האריזות, המכירות והבעלים.במהלך השנים אנו נהנים מאד משירות מהיר, מקצועי ומתן פתרונות איכותי. כחברה מובילה בענף הירקות הטריים והאקזוטיים אנו נתקלים באתגרים לא פשוטים להם נדרשים שותפים טובים, בעלי תושיה, מקצועיות וברוכי כשרון.אנו יכולים לאמר בשמחה שמצאנו אצלכם תמיד פתרון הולם יצירתי ובר הישג וביצוע לכל פניה ובקשה.ישר כח, המשיכו כך ואנחנו איתכם!המשך דרך פוריה.

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Copy Center is a printing house that was founded in 1965, established itself in the industry and is considered today as one of the leading and most advanced printing houses in the world.

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